Yapnaa provides the flexibility to manage the key aspects of service interactions with brands for the customers. Consumers can maximize value and minimize hassle by registering products like home appliances in the app and gain easy access to product related information, advice, raise service request and support from the brands, all from the app. It helps in optimizing customer engagement with brands.



As brand owners, the single most thought that keeps us engaged is – achieving ultimate consumer satisfaction and unwavering brand loyalty. This is probably closely associated with the nature of the consumer, who is not quite aware of his own expectations from a brand during sales and after sales. Thus, the consumer continues to function in a reactive mode even after the sale is done. Unviable to expect customers to register products on multiple apps & portals of different brands to monitor products and service. For achieving consumer satisfaction and loyalty, we as the brand makers must engage with consumers from the time he decides to own branded goods until the end of product life in a consistent and integrated manner. This sort of engagement is perhaps the only way of solving the ever-growing issues on consumer satisfaction, loyalty and brand value.

The Opportunity to solve challenges

It is probably no surprise that truly exceptional companies have been able to generate substantial profits from better management of their service supply chain. In fact, some companies have seen tremendous growth in both top line revenue and bottom line profitability by maximizing the value of their Service Supply Chain.


Build a Disruptive model

Yapnaa wanted to build a engagement platform for customers onboarded by partnering with brands The idea was to create a mobile app for the customers where they can register their products, share warranty details, store bills or documents related to products in the cloud and simplified way to raise service request. They also wanted to build a robust CRM dashboard so that customer sentiments about the brands, their experience w.r.t service from brands can be captured. All the results can be further analysed to engage with customers based on their sentiments.


App is launched with BETA among handful of users initially to check the response, system availability, process flow. Today app works across the city and delivering services to many users. New Enhancements are planned for next phases and discussions are on.Some App Features:

  • Transition to evolved relationship of Brand & Customer
  • Customer discovery and registration, CRM automation and analytics, SaaS based service & Warranty management, AI for customer problem analysis.
  • Build robust technology platform to control and reduce the cost of service by capturing brand specific after sales experience, customer delight, on-demand support, accurate and real time data reporting, predictability on customer retention.
  • A strong CRM platform to expand from marketing and sales into service arena, mainly focusing on customer interactions with the call centre support. Connected Customer Experience platforms taking a more holistic approach to cover all the service interactions a customer has with the company during the customer lifecycle.
  • Resulting in building a hassle free medium to connect customers to brands. Yapnaa discovering customers to bring in Brand's coverage. A channel for customers to take after sales service from brands and authorised technicians only. Managing accurate reporting and escalation on finger tips.