Sneed is an aggregator platform that helps a user find single desks, meeting rooms, private offices and training rooms.

Sneed lets you book a space from days to hours with complete flexibility of choosing preferred work location of a user. On the other hand, it helps space providers to manage their inventory and maintain an online catalogue of different kind of spaces they have to offer.


Sneed web solution was already under development by a company known to the founders. The team failed to bring in effect such complicated search pattern and ensure it works seamlessly and ensure the user can book the space he/she needs seamlessly for more than 6months now.



Having the vision of aggregating so many different space providers and providing great flexibility of choosing different type of spaces, booking timings, location etc., Search was the “Numero Uno” of the entire application without which the user journey seemed pointless and directionless.


The founders of Sneed, Adarsh Jalan, heard about DeveloperOnRent on linkedIn and got in touch with the Kapil the founder. Vibrations matched on the first round of discussion itself where Kapil was able to understand the business complexity and the kind of platform Sneed would become if they were successful in bringing all space providers on one platform. Together a team defined, took handover from the previous team. After spending an entire day on white board chalking down all possible inflow and outflow of data and combination of user requirements, DOR defined a process flow of how the different search combinations would work diving all into tags and google locations. This approach started yielding quicker results for users as they were now able to search and zero down on the right space for them. This made Sneed confident to go-live and as their USP was now operational and the team could approach more spaces for registration while the development team planned and worked on the Phase2 of Sneed.


The Result

With the combination, Sneed became the only Indian online platform to have the real-time display of available office spaces in the proximity chosen by the user. Having options to book online, pay online and manage online, Sneed became popular choice for booking spaces.


Customizations and Backend panel

Along with the search, another USP of the platform to attract the space providers was to provide a robust platform to manage inventory. Sneed provided an effective technical solution for space provider’s mangers, owners and companies to manage their space online without having to hassles of co-ordinating offline, more so difficult for companies with multiple office spaces.