Overview an e-commerce platform with more than 80,000 products and around 600vendors and growing… part of a 7,000 CR company, Pittie group based out of Mumbai, started business on e-commerce platform Martjack. Soon top level of Shubhkart realised that Martjack was not scabale and will not adopt to the features Shubhkart’s business needed.



Soon the decision was to migrate to the famous e-commerce platform Magento. But the challenge was to migrate all 80000 products and their 300000 images to Magento, Shubhkart started reaching out to renowned names in the industry in Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. After spending over 10months and working with around 4 companies, Shubhkart still did not find the right solution needed for business instead by this time, the code and core of magento had changed many hands from those of developers to that of CTO’s and customised by these companies.

Right solution – right time

Amidst, Founder of, contacted DeveloperOnRent via linked and invited founders of DeveloperOnRent to Mumbai. After the visit to Mumbai, DOR took the task up as a challenge. Working as offshore development team, DOR made the platform up and running live in 3months time. The migration of the entire platform, customization of Tax, Development of Marketplace, Multi-image uploads, Multi-Logistics platform, customised order flow, SEO migration and redirection and many such features where introduced as part of the solution live now.