Cheese Cake



Sharddha, the woman Entrepreneur and the one-lady army passionate about cakes and pastries was doing good offline business on people’s craving for cakes and pastries. Having been doing offline business, thus far there was no online presence what so ever.



Promoting cheese cakes in a lot of forums and domains, Shardha quickly realized the need for online presence. Multi-channel marketing was kicking in but only for offline business and customers reach would be limited.

Change in the Game

Soon enough the company was being promoted on a big global forum in next 24hours. No online presence in such a forum with numerous investors and ally’s visiting the forum. Quickly Shradha was on war-foot basis searching for an agency who could develop a website in no less than a day.


Right solution – right time

Shradha heard about jjbytes via a common friend from a co-working space she was working from. Realizing heat of the moment, developers from JJ bytes were up to the task to support the one-woman army. The website was created in less than 9hours, hosted and deployed on the server. Shradha held the head high in the conference and generated 3times more leads than any other day.