Chatbot development


Problem Statement

Solution was designed for technology company where-in their were large numbers of calls each day for various services. These calls were coming across the globe and managing these calls with infrastructure, people, technology, space and others was really taking too much of time and cost.


Solution provided

Team DeveloperOnRent met the decision makers and provided them with ChatBot solution – wherein how AI driven ChatBot application can play a role to automate this whole piece. We as a team spent close to 3 days in understanding service, heard calls, gathered lot of data, popular questions, expectation customer may have, lean way to respond, how can we link information for seamless process and others

Product Development

Followed the below process to develop this application .Complete Deep Dive understanding of Service Identified automation points UX – Information Architecture, Customer Persona, Business Persona, Lifecycle, analysis and more Initiated building backend with AI with gathered information and converted them in questionnaire, speech, sentences – how human interact and may interpret Build structured categorization which help user to initiate discussion with BOT – unlike waiting in queue, hearing PBX and others Hosted the same on Customer website, Facebook, Links available on Linkedin pages, Twitter Page and other channels



Implemented Beta version of this BOT across Customers / customers, staff, employees and others Collected Feedback, improved on existing AI engine, rigorous testing and finally launched it for the world.

  • Implementation at a minute level to run AI engine
  • Understanding of specific keywords from business language
  • Interpreting and relationship between questions
  • Sharing up-front questions, tags to customers for better navigation
  • Business understanding
  • Technology learning